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Runescape Most Classic Barrow Tutorial
1 introduction and preparationIn another RuneScape Gold generation, also is the war era, runescape six brothers stood inside party, they have saradomin incomparable strength, and deemed the presence of Mars, their deeds are listed inside tome runescape crumbled in book. They died after being buried place is currently the barrow. The man visited barrow RuneScape Account heroes by weapons and armor, legends of power. It wasn't very easy, six brothers soul will eradicate all invaders, and that means you is going to be overcome before they could get legendary strength. Remember, in both have coped with grave barrow into face you every 15 seconds give people an everyday Sunday worship services, you kill suck the brother is sucked more, you throw a brother, later that you simply man give regular Sunday worship services may have a brother's spell, you already know popup would you like to give every man. How suck as regular Sunday worship services (not remember today civil projects, probably is 9-15, find people ask me) Six brothers level respectively is: Ahrim 100hp: 100def, 100magic, ABCya 22 70att combat (98), Karil 100hp: 100def, 100range combat (98), Guthan, Dharok, Torag, Verac 100hp: 100att, 100str, combat (115) 100def, Remember to accept barrow before acid off!!! Some people could be there for you by tele they killed!!!!!!!!!!Rating requirement (suggest) : 43 and 70 + + regular Sunday worship services, magic, 50 + _ 55 + slayer (same), 70 + def (same) 50 + contruction (same) Priest: task needs in peril (art), p.y. (same Myreque ), Items: the spade!!!!!! Ectophial tele tablet, food or home for starters, monkfish shark (regular Sunday worship services for veteran), pot (4) 2-4 cup for novices, (zun generally 0-2dose enough, but simply in the event that anymore zun) with runes spell or blast for magicks. (dart slayer may armour, arrows, short _ armour and being associated with melee, staves,. I neither any wild:Somebody puts forward the Suggestions ahrim, but my first, then this 80 def not give people a great deal of barrow, buckle gloves as well, but I was too waste no =. = (152qp shield), can be used obby, runekite granite, DSQ, have high def, neither can close with regular Sunday worship services with ring seers, after all, you are into daily mage, (but I again no) =. =, have changed in row improved both rune - associated with all comfortable with x, don't try to wear rune. Armour is not good, bad. Wear barrow armour actually not fasten your upkeep, you are making washing rune d and must earn returns while using cape. I zamorak cape, he 10magic +. 2 how barrows go? First you in canifus ready, then follow picture: (PPC) specific base runescape After finish inside Myreque of canifus trapdoor, behind a bar to the south, the return after go to meet again, then even live tree, the bridge, after which, again, then to south, within the arrows at Morton, sailed to XiangDongHang again.3 barrow six brothers (PPC) specific base runescape (I) slayer dart Slayer ahrim except by playing outside of the dart five brothers, even karil, their magic defense is very low, so simple. If the combat hit with high enough to experience karil. 90att suggest melee super + + super att above STR. (ii) or wind blast wave horses As with all the slayer dart game actually, but to utilize another spell, in accordance with the statistics, the slayer dart is informal easier. Magicks acient (iii) Use ice burst, blitz, brothers, melee barrage play first cast 1 times, the guy can play many burst with 3 times, barrage blitz 6 times, after four times, far less freeze again, he admits, machine, in this instance, karil with melee hit. (iv) cannon What is the most easily, then set a cannon etc. He died in underground slowly, fresh fruits, the outer lining is just not so have coped cannon set plane! Don't know what department have coped? You know, the text. But will play well slow, because the d melee brother against good high

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