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Tibia New Map Beautiful Landscape
While Jan is principally to blame for creating ingame graphics and textures, this article team plans and assembles everything and builds all of the beautiful landscapes in Tibia. In the case of Zao, it was already set since the Yalahar update the new map expansion would come about east of Vengoth.At first, the overall form of the newest continent was created. Just on to the floor level, with no mountains and dungeons. Then, everyone in the team got a printed form of the brand new area and ABCya12 drew her or his version from the map: where the mountains are situated, the cities and how the spot may need to look such as general. Different designs were talked through and after having visit a conclusion, other locations were assigned to different affiliates. As soon as they'd received the graphics they'd requested from the graphics department, they begun to build the brand new areas. "First of all, the overall flooring and shapes were set, as well as houses, ruins, quest areas and unique landmarks. In the end, decoration such as plants, stones as well as rubbish were added," Denson Larika explains. "For the Dragonblaze Peaks, by way of example, I worked from walk-out to the top. Level after level. Then I hollowed the peaks and built the caves for that dragons." The monsters were placed following the whole map work ended. What followed was a time of adjustments and fine-tuning, hopping on / off the internal test server to evaluate hunting grounds. With the start of the external test server, the whole content team was then busy with bug fixing and tweaking things further.The ideas for the quests and missions in Zao came along with all the development of the brand new continent. Certain quest types were required to introduce players to the modern area, its inhabitants and its particular lore, and to guide them around. Other quest ideas evolved across the given themes. The Tomes of Knowledge quest, for instance, is a nice way to unlock things such as nifty furniture and creepy dungeons. At the same time, the content team can use these to have selected excerpts with the massive background story easily obtainable in smaller bits for those who are enthusiastic about it.

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